KCRW Spotify Playlist Generator

Hope you're enjoying my KCRW Spotify Playlist Generator! This will always be a free service, but if you wanted to chip in to help support new features (ex: subscribe to a playlist and have it automatically appear daily, or 'most popular songs by month'), then you can easily donate $3 by clicking the button below. It's secure, spam-free, and less than the cost of a latte -- also totally optional if you don't feel like it. Thanks either way!

Step 1

Select a program

Step 2

Select a date

Step 3

Name your playlist and save

Note: These playlists are generated live and on-the-fly from the KCRW api. For best results, wait until the current show ends and then download the playlist for that day. Ex: MBE finishes at 12pm each day, so if you download the playlist for same day at 11am you will miss the last hour. But that's just like, my opinion, man. Do what feels right.
Heads up: I've recently updated the settings so you will automatically follow me (Teo) if you download any playlists from here. If that's an issue for you then you can unfollow me after downloading the playlist, or if you really, really really don't want to follow me then drop me a line at the email above and if enough people take issue I'll undo it.

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